It was the last week of summer camp for the children who attended the Robert L. Taylor summer camp program. The food and nutrition program of Sarasota County had been providing lunch all summer long to students 18yrs old and younger.. no matter if they attended the summer camp program or not.

The food and nutrition program stopped a week before school started so that they could prepare for the start of a new school year. Which left the staff at the Robert L. Taylor summer camp's program searching for local organizations who could step in and fill the void for the week. So when we got a call from Supervisor of Recreation Facilities Arthur Larkins asking if we could help out, we did not hesitate. The Millionaires jumped on board and helped to provide a "healthy lunch" for all 80+ children who were a part of the summer camp and also the other children who were attending the recreational facility that day. The entire summer camp staff were also provided with lunch from the Sarasota Millionaires organization.   
"It was a great success and it felt really good to help out. This is our community and if we can help out and give back in any way... then we will" said co-owner Bethsaida Williams.