SARASOTA - Delvis Fernandez served eight months with the Marine Reserves in Iraq, often manning a 50-caliber gun on the lead car in dangerous supply convoys. The 2005 Booker High School graduate had returned back home to Sarasota in April 2008, where he had rejoined his minor league football team and enrolled in classes to prepare for a career in the Sarasota Police Department. But on his way home from class that Friday afternoon, Fernandez, 21, was shot and killed in what police believe was a carjacking in the parking lot of a local convenience store. "It was in broad daylight for no apparent reason," said Orlando Pacheco, who roomed with Fernandez in Iraq. "We're just in shock right now. It was just like any other day." Fernandez passed away at Sarasota Memorial Hospital on that Friday, the day before the final tryouts for the Sarasota Millionaires, a football team that he also used as a conduit to volunteer in the community...

Friday October 24th marked 6 years since the passing of our fallen teammate and friend Delvis.
Family and friends gathered at a local eatery to fellowship and reflect back on his memory.

Thank you to those  that were able to come out  and fellowship
Thank you to everyone for continuing to keep Delvis' memory alive!

The Sarasota Millionaires Organization has decided to take the year off from "Football". All other operations will continue (ex. community activities, mentoring, voluntary work outs, etc.)
Co owner of the Millionaires Calvin Williams has accepted the role of Commissioner for the Florida Football Alliance this upcoming 2015 season.
As for the role of commissioner and team co owner, it was decided and best for both roles not to be involved within one person.

"I am happy about spending more time with my family... I am motivated to enhancing minor league football with my new position as the commissioner of Florida Football Alliance.
I am excited about the direction of new ownership for the program. (details to follow)
The Sarasota Millionaires has been proven to be one of the greater organizations in the state of Florida and will continue to be even greater in the near future" said Calvin Williams.
To all the players, fans, and supporters Thank You for All the awesome memories!
This is only a pause and not a fold... SARASOTA MILLIONAIRES FOR LIFE!!!

The Millionaires will return to all their football operations for the 2016 season under new ownership.
For those still interested in playing football this season, please feel free to visit our cross town rivals The Southwest Florida Gladiators in Bradenton. (formally known as the Bradenton Gladiators)

Congratulations Mario Davis!!

ABC 7's Linda Carson and Millionaires Michael Lynch

SARASOTA, Fla. - You know those old sayings...’it's never too late’...’never give up.’ Well a man in Sarasota has proved it's true. Michael Lynch is 64 years old. He's accomplished a lot in his life, but the deep longing to play football once again would just never go away. So he decided to give it one more shot. Semi-pro football is hard-nosed, hard hitting, and players are trying to get noticed by college or pro scouts. Michael Lynch plays on the semi-pro Sarasota Millionaires the same team former Sarasota High football star Michael Ford plays on. "He just tried out for the Bucs two weeks ago, and they think they will ask him back to camp this coming summer," says Lynch. This is the first time Lynch has played football in 38 years. "The last time I played football? When I played semi-pro on Long Island in ‘75 and ’76." His love for football started at Bayshore High School in Long Island. "My senior year I had a very good year at safety and wide receiver. I had the good pleasure of walking on at East Carolina University." He even got to know Joe Namath.

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Delvis Fernandez

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Quote of the Week

Hard Work Will Always Overcome Natural Talent When Natural Talent Does Not Work Hard Enough.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Millionaires on local WWSB ABC 7 channel

The Sarasota Millionaires Organization teams up with local WWSB ABC 7 to bring you their commercials. The commercials are broadcast throughout the teams regular football season January - April and air throughout the day on the news and on local programs such as Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Community Service

Sarasota Millionaires And Their Continued Community Services

The Sarasota Millionaires football organization are known for their continued community services throughtout their community over the years. The organization has participated in various community services some of which have included passing out Thanksgiving turkey's complete with all the trimmings to elderly recipients in the community, reading books on "Read-A-Book Day" to local elementary and day care children, community clean-ups, annual F-CAT pep rallies at schools throughout Sarasota county, and more!

Read-A-Book Day

F-CAT Pep Rally at Emma E. Elementary

Thanksgiving Turkey Give-A-Way

The Sarasota Millionaires ARE dedicated to providing pride and growth in our community. It's not just about football for the Sarasota Millionaires. We are committed to providing success to our players both on and off the field. The Sarasota Millionaires provide positive mentorship and planned activities for the youths in the City of Sarasota and Sarasota County. Although the team's season runs from September - April our programs continue throughout the year. Our motto is community FIRST and football is second.

If you would like the Sarasota Millionaires Football Organization to be a part of your planned event, please feel free to email us at

Sarasota Millionaires Picture Website

Click Here To View The Sarasota Millionaires Picture Website

Created By: Mr. Shawn Kitchell Millionaires Team Photographer

Millionaires New Logo

The Sarasota Millionaires have a new logo this season. The Millionaires replaced the old traditional dollar sign logo used by the team in the past and decided to go with something fresh and clean looking. The new "M" logo is gold in color and trimmed in white, the helmet has a black gloss finish with white and gold strips down the middle.